What is Mobile Airtime Transfer

How does Mobile Airtime Transfer work?


The Tesco International Calling app offers you the ability to transfer your Tesco Calling credit to your friends and loved ones’ PAY-AS-YOU-GO (PAYG) numbers around the world, safe and secure.


This can be used as a way of supporting your friends and family from afar and help give them credit to make their own calls, helping to make every day a little better.


To transfer credit to a PAYG phone in another country, you will first need to make sure that you have sufficient credit on your Tesco International Calling account.


The first time you select ‘Send Airtime recharge’ you'll see a screen showing information on how to transfer. Just click 'Next' at the bottom of the screen, and from there you can search for who you are transferring credit to and follow the steps.


You can then view all the options for the value that you would like to send, showing you how much you will be sending.


You'll then receive confirmation that the transaction has been successful, and the credit will be converted to local currency and added to your loved one's PAYG mobile balance, ready for them to start using. 


We check our rates regularly, to get you the best offers, so keep checking your app for updates and offers, and remember:  

Every little help makes a big difference


Please note:

  • This service is for private, non-commercial, and personal use only
  • Once credit has been transferred to another PAYG user, it cannot be recovered. Please ensure that the number you are transferring to is correct before completing the transaction. We cannot refund mistakes.
  • The full amount will be deducted from your Tesco International Calling app balance

**Sending to UK mobiles will generate a PIN which will be shown in the app after successfully sending.  Your receiver will then receive an SMS which will have the PIN included.  The PIN is required when adding the credit, either manually or via their mobile provider.