You've picked up a card in store or created a new virtual card but what happens now?

Firstly thank you for choosing to use the Tesco International Calling card, you are on your way to making low-cost international calls across the globe. All with the quality you can expect from Tesco.

To get started let's guide you through saving your number to your card and making your first call.

Making your first call

Making your first call using the Tesco International Calling card is very simple.

(1) dial the access number
(2) when prompted, enter your pin
(3) when prompted, enter the number you wish to dial (your destination number), including the country code (i.e. 00 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number + #)
(4) get connected!

The calling card has three different access numbers you can choose from and you should choose the option best suited for you and how you are dialling - if in doubt please check with your phone service provider for the cost to each type of number.

Local rate - 0330 0010 252 and 0207 097 2468
Freephone - 0800 097 2468

Local rate numbers are normally part of inclusive minutes with mobile phone providers if part of your package and PAYG users may benefit from using the freephone. Landline providers also offer packages for local rates numbers, if not freephone may be more suitable.

Each call made with the calling card has a 4p connection fee which will be deducted from your calling card credit. For calls made using the Freephone access number there is also an additional 1p per minute surcharge, again deducted from your calling card credit.

Saving your telephone number to your card

When you first dial the Tesco International Calling card access number you will be prompted to enter your pin which can be found at the back of your calling card, if using a physical calling card and on your sign up text message or email if using a virtual calling card.

If you would prefer not to have to enter a pin each time you call you can save (link) your phone number to your pin and the next time you call you'll just be prompted to enter the number you wish to dial.

To save your phone number to your pin
(1) dial the access number as normal
(2) enter your pin as normal
(3) once you hear your balance, key in **# to access the main menu
(4) key in 3 to save your account details

Your phone number is now saved (linked) to your pin and you won't need to enter it next time. Easy!

To remove your telephone number from your pin, enter **#3 after you hear your balance