The Tesco International Calling app offers a number of ways of connecting to loved ones across the globe and which one may be best to use is unique to each customer and their situation.

Please have a read through the available methods and then select which one works for you.

Calling options

The app defaults to a local access connection for making calls. This means once you select or enter your destination number the app will call a local rate (03) number. If you have a mobile that benefits from free minutes to local rate numbers this is a great option when in the UK as calls to the local access number will be part of your inclusive minutes. Calls to this number are free for Tesco Mobile customers.

If you are travelling out of the UK you can still make great use of the app by choosing the Travel Mode option for making calls. This restricts the app to only allowing calls when connected to WiFi. A fantastic option when roaming as long as you are connected to WiFi with decent connectivity and you've double-checked the WiFi charges of the network you are connecting to. Most hotels now offer WiFi packages and there are lots of free WiFi hotspots available in many countries making the app a great stand-alone travel option too.

If you prefer to use a WiFi connection to make your calls but without the restriction of WiFi only then choosing the Prefer WiFi option would be the best choice. Especially useful when WiFI or WiFi with decent connectivity isn't always available and you don't want to be limited as to when you can make calls or want the ease of letting the app choose the best option for you at that point in time.

The final option is Allow calls on mobile data which will complete your calls using your 3G/4G connection but is not restricted to this option either. With this mode selected if a 3G/4G network is available the app will try to use it, if not calls will revert to the default local access connection. This is a good option if you have an ample data package with your mobile provider.

The great thing about the modes available to the Tesco International Calling app is aside from Travel Mode other options can be used together so you can choose 'Prefer WiFI' alongside 'Allow calls on mobile data'. It really is compatible with what works best for you.

Changing your call settings

Once you have decided which mode or combination of modes work well for you, if it's not the default local access connection option there are two ways to get to the Settings screen to enable your chosen call settings.

The app always opens on the Keypad and from here just click the current call setting option (to the left of the blue 'Call ' button} to access settings.

From the Settings screen you can then just tick which option or options you would like to enable using the check boxes beside them.

If you are already in the Account section (the last tab at the bottom of the screen) then you can also access Settings by selecting the cog icon in the top right of the app screen.

Again, from the Settings screen you can then just tick which option or options you would like to enable using the check boxes beside them.

Calls using the default local access 03 connection are free for Tesco Mobile customers and part of inclusive minutes for those on other network packages. PAYG customers should check with their provider if in doubt or change call settings.