The app opens up on the 'Keypad' section of the app but there are five sections (or tabs) in total running across the bottom of the app. We'll take you through the Rates section of the app below

Rates Section

The Rates section can be found by clicking the second tab to the left, at the bottom of the app, next to the Account section.

It shows all the destinations we reach across the globe and so you can be sure, the dial code (country code) for that destination is shown on the left.

Clicking the destination you are interested in opens further information and the specific rate for that destination.

You can view

(1) the local time in that destination - great for making sure you aren't calling in the middle of the night!
(2) the rate you will be charged per minute to that destination for calls to landlines, mobiles and text messages
(3) the amount of minutes you can talk to someone in that destination based on the credit you have at that time
(4) access to terms and conditions

There is no connection charge on the app. The rate you are shown is the rate you are charged per minute