The app opens up on the 'Keypad' section of the app but there are five sections (or tabs) in total running across the bottom of the app. We'll take you through the Account section of the app below

Account Section

The Account section of the app is the very last menu item on the left but perhaps one of the most useful outside of making calls. It allows you to complete a number of things

(1) add credit
(2) check your balance
(3) earn calling credit by inviting friends and family
(4) check your balance expiry date
(5) change your settings
(6) find your account number
(7) seek help & support

We've made sure your account balance is shown on the the menu tab so it's always visible to you, even when you are not in this section. This makes sure you are fully aware of how much you've spent and if you need to top-up

To the left of your balance in the Accounts section, just underneath our Tesco International Calling logo you will see the expiry date for your current credit. This will update each time you top-up as credit lasts 180 days from time of purchase.

Ensuring your credit does not expire is easy; top-up before this date and your credit will continue uninterrupted.

The help & support menu is accessed from the top left of the account screen by clicking the picture that looks like a life buoy.

The settings menu is accessed from the top right of the account screen by clicking the picture that looks like a cog.
We have a number of ways to add credit to your app including by credit or debit card, or by voucher from within the app, by clicking the blue 'Add credit' button.

Please view our FAQ regarding topping up your app for more details.

To make life simple why not switch on automatic top-ups and never worry about running out of credit and being unable to reach loved ones - see our FAQ on 'Enabling low balance top-up' for more information.

To earn free calling credit you can use the 'Invite and earn credit' button - see our FAQ on 'Earning free call credit' for more details.