To make life simple when using the Tesco International Calling card switch on a low balance top-up option and never have to worry about running out of credit and being unable to reach loved ones when you need to most.

With low balance top-up switched on your calling card will automatically top you up when your balance falls below £2.00 and you can continue using your calling card uninterrupted.

Switching on low balance top-up

Enabling an automatic top-up of your calling card is a simple process but very much worthwhile to make sure you never miss out on making that important phone call.

First you have to complete an initial top-up to switch this on as the option is provided at the end of the top-up process. Steps are shown below

(1) call the top-up number 0330 0010 252

(2) wait for the balance announcement if your telephone is saved OR enter your pin and wait for the balance announcement
(3) enter **1 for the menu
(4) enter 1 to choose to top-up your card
(5) follow the instructions to top-up your card and once you have confirmed your top-up wait for further options which include setting up an automatic top-up

The automatic top-up will be for the amount you topped up when you enabled the option and will happen when your balance drops below £2.00

Switching off automatic top-up is just as easy - dial the top-up number and choose account management from the menu option