Promo codes are applied while you are making a top-up within the app and have to be entered into the promo code field of the app.

If you are experiencing an issue with your code, before you reach out for support please run through adding a promo code and the checks below.

Adding a promo code

If you have a promo code to use when topping up your app account balance, to add your promo code you will need to
(1) go to the Account section of the app and choose 'Add credit'
(2) choose to 'Top-up by debit/credit card'
(3) click the (+) sign to the right of 'Promo code'
(3) enter your promo code and click 'Validate'
(4) check the confirmation and click 'Apply'
If the promo code has applied you will see the promo code now saved and stored besides the promo code field.

If you receive an error message after you press 'validate' check

(1) have you already used this promo code? (most codes are single-use only)

(2) has the promo code expired? (promo codes have a validity period)

(3) have you entered the promo code correctly? (only numbers, no spaces)

(4) were there any criteria listed with the promo that you haven't met? (e.g. a minimum top-up amount)

If you've followed the steps above, run through the checks and still have an issue please contact our customer service experts for support. You can use the contact form or select 'no' at the end of this article to engage.