To make life simple when using the Tesco International Calling app switch on the low balance top-up option and never have to worry about running out of credit and being unable to reach loved ones when you need to most.

With low balance top-up switched on the app will automatically top you up when your balance falls below £1.00 and you can continue using the app uninterrupted.

Apply your low balance top-up

There are just a few simple steps to enable a low balance top-up on your account

(1) go to the Accounts section of the app
(2) click the blue 'Add credit' button
(3) choose 'Top-up by debit/credit card

(4) select a Top-up amount
(5) switch the 'apply low balance top-up' dial to on
(6) check the confirmation and click 'Confirm'

Once you've completed these steps you are always in control. The Add credit screen will always show 'low balance on' and the amount and you can switch off at any time by switching the 'apply low balance top-up' dial to off