The Tesco International Calling card offers a number of convenient ways to top-up your calling card so you may continue to access great rates and a quality service when reaching out to friends and family across the globe.

Cards may be found in Tesco stores in the UK and Ireland or you may choose to use a virtual version of the card and topping up either has been made easy.

Options for topping up your Tesco International Calling Card are

(1) In a Tesco store using a credit card, debit card or cash

(2) In a shop displaying the PayPoint sign using a credit card, debit card or cash

(3) over the phone using a credit card, debit card or voucher

(4) using low balance top-up to top-up automatically by credit or debit card

You can choose to top-up £3.00 (in Tesco stores only), £5.00, £10.00 or £20.00

Topping up a physical calling card

Calling cards may be topped up at the till in any Tesco store by presenting the card to the cashier and letting them know how much you would like to top up. They will then swipe your calling card and take payment.

Any shop in the UK displaying the PayPoint sign provides another opportunity to top up your calling card where you can choose to top up a minimum of £5.00.

The final option is to top-up over the phone by calling the top-up number 0330 0010 252 and entering **1 after your balance announcement. You then follow the instructions to top-up by debit or credit card.

Topping up a virtual calling card

Calling cards which are virtual and for which you do not have a physical card may be topped up over the phone by dialling the top-up number 0330 0010 252.

If you haven't saved your phone number to your calling card you will be asked for your pin, following which you can select **1 for the top-up menu and follow the prompts to top-up by debit or credit card.

An alternative to topping up by debit or credit is by purchasing a Tesco International Calling voucher which you can then use to apply credit to your virtual calling card. You do this by dialling the top-up number 0330 0010 252 and selecting **# for the main menu followed by 2 and following the instructions to enter your voucher or pin number.

Vouchers for Tesco International Calling are 10 digits long so if you are buying a voucher please make sure you select the correct product

On the top-up number **# takes you to the main menu with all options and **1 takes you to the debit/credit top-up option - select after you've heard your balance

If you've yet to get a calling card you can create a virtual calling card account by simply dialling 0330 0010 252 and pressing * to create an account when prompted